Thegoodnewsgirls are proud to present….. Mind Of A Taurus! The very interesting blog started off as a blog with astrology, beautiful photographs that brought good energy to your hearts, and encouraging things and soon led into a blog that circles around self improvement, and encouraging words that seem to come from a person who truly understands and cares. I came across this blog from a friend of mine who questioned if I was secretly running it. (She’s anonymous on the blog) I laughed at this. ‘Who is this suspscious girl that runs a blog that reminds my friend of me?’ I thought. So I checked it out. I’m already in love with astrology, so I was like a kid in a candy store. Well, a girl in an archive. But on top of it all this girl talked about change, and self improvement. She was like a spiritual guardian angel for people over the internet. And I fell in love. I had to learn more about her. And what did I learn? Absolutely nothing. This girl was serious about keeping her identity private; only making her blog even more irrisistable. 

‘What ethnicity are you?’ Anonymous people will ask her. And she only graciously replies back with,

‘Does it matter? I’m human just like you <3’ and we’re all left to wonder. 

Wonder who this girl might be that goes into detail about the compatibility between a Sagittarius and a Leo. Who writes post such as, ‘Dear Virgo,’ that read like a letter that was personally addressed to you and exactly what you’re going through. Who helps people sort through their feelings when they come to her with help for an issue. Who is always willing to talk to anyone who needs it without any judgement or annoyance. Who started a segment on her blog called, ‘28 days of gratitude’ where everyday there are new exercises to help you feel grateful for different things in your life. And be appreciative of the beauty around you. And so we all follow her, and listen to this beautiful person speak beautiful words to us through a text post. And it’s all just enough for us to love her. Never like a preacher shoving beliefs down our throats. And never depersonalized words that make us feel like she doesn’t really care. And luckily I got in touch with her and was able to ask her a few questions. But before we get started I want to give a warning: You may think she’s amazing already, but her answers will make you fall deeper in love with her mind. So now I leave you to it, enjoy! 

1) We understand that you don’t want your identity out for your followers to read, is there any name you would like your followers to call you by?

 There will definitely come a point where I will have to reveal who I am.  It is something that’s been on my mind recently.  It makes me feel nervous, excited, but also sad because I feel like I’ll be revealing a significant part of me.  This blog has really served as an escape.  Others treating me differently are one of my latest fears.  Put it this way, I don’t want people to suddenly take an interest in me because they find out I’m MindofaTaurus.  If they didn’t pay me any attention then, I don’t want them to pay me any attention now.  Nevertheless, if anyone would like to address me, I’ll accept the name Rose.  

 2) What made you start looking into astrology?  

 I’m chuckling at this question! I’ve been into astrology my whole entire life. I had no clue! I recently got into contact with an old friend that I grew up with from pampers to junior high school.  As conversation flowed and innocent memories resurfaced, she playfully brought up the fact that we use to read our horoscope religiously. I dunked myself into astrology at age 11, but I truly immersed, and than saturated myself into it at age 13.  Knowing who I am and developing my essence has been the theme of my life.  It is why I have a solid, firm ground I can stand on.  Astrology was really a way for me to get to know myself even better.  My birthday is April 20th.  That makes me an Aries-Taurus cusp sign.  For the first portion of my life, I considered myself an Aries.  Somehow, that wasn’t enough.  I’ve always felt misunderstood because I have two very different sides to me.  How could one person be talkative, outgoing, expressive and enthusiastic, yet private, quiet, reserved and internally aware? Astrology helped me get clear about who I was.  I will admit, in the beginning I denied all of the negative traits of my sign!  However, I recognize the assets of those negative traits like stubbornness.  When one gets to know oneself through any forum it is imperative that both the good and the bad is treasured.  Realize that you’re human and we all have imperfections.  Our imperfection and quirks are what makes us special.

 3) Did your blog originally start off as an astrology blog and eventually form into a blog consisting of astrology, and your thoughts and words of wisdom that you wanted to share to your followers? 

 Before I created my blog, I knew I wanted to incorporate astrology in some way.  When I began blogging, I really fell in love.  I couldn’t simply make it all about astrology.  It was nearly mandatory that I used this platform as means to express myself. Some people found my blog hard to embrace because they thought I should simply do astrology like other blogs.  However, that is not what my blog is about.  It’s what I like to call a life journey blog.  I’m not afraid to share my experiences and thoughts if it’ll aid another individual.  This is what separates me from the rest. 

 4) What is something you want to accomplish in five years?

Wow, this is something to really think about.  In five years I hope to be living.  I don’t mean be alive, but I mean to actually live.  I hope to cease each day.  In five years I just want to be happy.  I would like to travel, try new foods, indulge in diy projects, write or be in the process of writing a book, give back, and ultimately be able to treat my family to something truly special.  Most importantly, I want to be in love.

5) What are your career dreams?

My dream is to make a living off of being myself.  Whatever I do will not feel like a job.  Everybody has a purpose and a reason as to why they were puthere.  I was put here to heal, to guide, to create awareness, to spark change, and most importantly, to help others.  I don’t declare specific careers because I know my opportunities are endless and I will be guided towards the career meant for me.  My gift lies in understanding others.    

 6) Who is someone that has influenced you positively?

My mother has played the largest role in my life.  At an impressionable age, I detected, processed and than mirrored my mother’s broad-mindedness. Her easy acceptance of others has been a guiding force in my progressive thinking. Like my mother, it’s always been my mission to comfort others, not only with my arms, not only with my words, but also with my heart.  From a young age my mother had my sisters and I doing community service.  Of course, I didn’t realize it was community service until recently! *Chuckles to self* She took us everywhere she went.  Before the age of eleven, I had been to various parades and festivals, several African festivals, Indian reservations, events at museums, and so on.  I get my compassionate and fiery zest from her.  She’s a Libra, so she taught me right from wrong and the importance of standing up for what was right, despite any surrounding thoughts or opinions.  I commend her for exposing me to individuals from all walks of life, individuals with different ideas, personalities and interests, backgrounds, races and even sexualities. 

 7) Have you always been the positive person that you are today?

Yes, I’ve always been positive.  However, because I’ve experienced adversity and hard times, my positivity is present not only because it’s a part of who I am, but also because it’s something I appreciate and hope to pass on to others. I appreciate life.  It’s a gift.  

8) What advice do you have for people who want to better themselves?

Wow, this is a great question.  I’m going to quote what I wrote not too long ago. 

“Put it this way, life is beautiful and life is good.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it if you’re living.  A lot of us let life pass us by.  We’ve all done it.  And we wonder why we don’t receive the things we deserve, because we are worthy of an abundance of love, happiness and fulfillment.  But this is what we’re going to do.  We’re going to accept the things we deserve.  We’re going to stand up for ourselves.  We’re going to be our own best friends.  We’re not going to let external, out of reach, individuals and circumstances fluctuate our moods and focuses.  If you’re not pleased, you’re going to say it.  ”What you’re doing does not make me happy.”  ”I don’t appreciate what you’ve done to me.”  Don’t be afraid of scarring the feelings of another if you’re protecting your own.  Within the first encounter, we can tell whether someone is good or bad for us.  Too often, we ignore our own intuition.  As if we weren’t bestowed with such a beautiful gift.  NOW we’re going to utilize it.  Set your standards and be clear about them.  Know your worth.  If you show others that you’re aware of your abilities, you know what you have to offer, and you’re not settling for what you’re given—people will treat you better.  Why?  Because you’re giving them a guideline to how you want to be treated.  If they don’t fit the criteria, they’re out the door.  Easy as that.  It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. Have faith in yourself and be grateful, gracious and humble.  It’s beautiful.  Realize you’re worthy of great things. You deserve the BEST in life.  You will meet a lot of bad apples, but you will receive what you deserve in no time.  The longer you stay in an unfulfilling, unworthy relationship, is the longer you’ll be without the one you deserve.  Be of use, don’t be used.“ –MindofaTaurus   

Most importantly, I just want people to realize that everything comes from within.  There is where confidence, wisdom, love, enlightenment—your true self lies.  Every single day do something for yourself.  Naturally we feel as though we can take on the world.  We do so much for others, but we often neglect ourselves.  To prevent the feeling of the weight of the world on your shoulders, do as much as you do for others for yourself.  It’s not about the time you spend, but the quality of the activity.  For me, I enjoy watching a movie on my laptop as I take hot baths.  It allows me to relax and escape the world.  All the matters in that moment are my thoughts, the movie and the warmth of the water.

 9) What are some of your favorite blogs?

I get this question all the time.  I like way too many blogs.  I’ll just name one.  Check out the blog  It’s a great blog by a young, cutting edge male.  He has phenomenal opinions and thoughts.  He’s very socially aware and also has great taste in music.  He’s a Virgo btw.  I admire him a lot.

 10) What sign do you tend to enjoy the most?

My own sign of course! 

11) What’s the most interesting sign to learn about besides your own?

Within the last year and a half, Aquarius has been the most popular sign in my life.  Before than, my knowledge of Aquarians was pretty basic textbook astrology.  However, I’ve been in relations with, so many of them that they’re the easiest sign I can spot.  I know them that well. They have a certain style and aura about them.  They’re the sign I attract the most.  Therefore, they’re the sign I’m interested in learning at the moment. 

 12) What is a quote, or proverb that you think everyone should live by?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” —Marianne Williamson

 13) When was the last time you heard good news? 

Today! I’m excited to be a part of Good News!  

14) Who is someone you want to congratulate for their actions?

I would like to congratulate all of my followers that work so hard to improve their lives and to be happy.  Trying is all that matters.  Never lose your drive!  I really love you guys.  I’m so grateful that you share your life and your hearts with me.  For that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.   


The Good News Girls would like to spend this time to share how much we appreciate a person like you, and the things that you posts, and the way that you talk to people is truly amazing. You’re helping so many people with self exploration, and more. And besides that, thank you for being who you are. The most beautiful people I know, are the people who are the most genuine and true to themselves; so thank you so much for setting such a beautiful example of being yourself. And it has been my pleasure doing this with you. 


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